>[22.Oct.19] Patents INPI/BR unifies and expands PPH project
Source: INPR/BR [Adapted]

On 22.Oct.2019, the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI/BR) published a Resolution that unifies the rules of the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) agreements and expands the Project to all technological fields. The Resolution will enter into force on 01.Dec.2019.

Through PPH agreements, examination of a patent application may be expedited on Brazil when it has been analyzed on a national/regional office participating on the agreement. Likewise, if an application has been analyzed on Brazil, it can have its examination expedited in another participating country.

On the projects implemented by Brazil with its seven current partners (China, Denmark, United States, Europe, Japan, Prosur and United Kingdom), each PPH had its specific features, such as the included technological fields. Now, with the change, such rules will become standardized, with highlight to the limit of 400 applications per year (and one per month for each applicant) and the inclusion of all technological fields.

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