>[13.Dec.18] General INPI increases decisions in 2018
Source: INPI/BR [adapted]

The Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI/BR) is closing this year with a sharp increase in the productivity of its final areas, a reduction in backlog and a decrease in the decision time, in the comparison between the projections for 2018 and the final results of 2017.

In trademarks, decisions (allowing, refusing and dismissal) rose from 258,823 to 376,070 (+ 45%) and the backlog fell from 358,776 to 189,122 applications (-47%), even with a 10% increase in new registrations. On applications submitted to opposition proceedings the examination time dropped from 48 months to 13 months and unopposed application from 24 months to 12 months.

In the area of industrial designs, decisions rose from 9,122 to 13,350 (+ 46%); the backlog dropped from 9,288 to 2,353 orders (-74%); and the medium decision time was reduced from 16.5 months to 13.7 months.

In patents, decisions went from 44,781 to 42,680 (-5%). However, there was a reduction of the backlog from 225,115 to 207,195 (-8%), since the number of decisions was greater than the number of new requests (27,024). The average technical decision time was reduced from 10.2 years to 10 years